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Lawli provides legal document processing functions at a fraction of the cost and amount of time needed for existing services.  Lawli is powered by AI to help you produce consistent document processing results.  Lawli is ready to work 24/7, whenever it fits your schedule.  Try Lawli for free today, or drop us a note for a tailored SaaS solution for your business.

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Lawli Solutions

Document processing is mundane, extremely time-consuming, and very costly to businesses. However, it doesn't have to be. Try Lawli Solutions below to revolutionise the way documents are processed.
Document Summarizer

Document Summarizer

Who has the time to read all information coming to you?

Focus on the important, remove the clutter, be a super performer with a little help from technology.

Free Summarizer

Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Cheap and high-quality commercial contracts offered at a tiny fraction of market costs.

We've all heard that a good legal document is important to prevent from spending many times more in litigation. Although you can't control the other party's action, a well-written legal contract in a quality foundation can ensure you win in court to recover your damages.

So you can have a peace of mind, knowing no one can take their chances.

Document Review

Document Review

Keep focused and on track for any legal document.

Lawli will highlight the risky areas for easier review, and prompt you to revise into your desired terms.

Tailored SaaS Solutions

Tailored SaaS Solutions

Get in touch to tailor-make AI solutions for your business. The document processing tool can be applied to law firms, financial services companies, marketing sales to name a few.

Please contact us today to get ahead of your peers.

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