One thing that small law firms and solo practitioners find challenging is having to deal with a high volume of paperwork and legal issues on their own, and it is extremely costly to have to hire additional headcounts or support staff to do the work for you that some of which you’d have to end up redoing yourself.  

text Summarizer

Most small law firms and solo practitioners hire junior staff to read and summarize long legal documents.  However, this is no longer necessary when you can use a free automated legal document summarizer to generate summaries instantly, to save your costs and time.

With the automated legal professional services such as the automatic summarizer, small law firms no longer have to rely on additional headcounts to extract vital information from lengthy documents. With the online text summarizer, small law firms can avoid spending their precious time reading the clutter and focus their attention on key messages from the documents. Whether it’s cases involving commercial litigations such as the breach of contract or a family law matter with piles of lengthy documents, the automatic text summarizer can help firms review the content and extract essential information from it to form an informed and accurate view to advising clients.

The reasons why small law firms should use the automatic text summarizer such as the Lawli summarizer include:

  • Future-proofing your business: When it comes to reading lengthy documents, it’s not humanly possible to give consistent attention to each paragraph which increases the chances of errors. When the document being reviewed is of high importance such as legal documents, it’s better to be informed of all relevant documents’ content than dismissing them from reading them.

To avoid causing errors which can be long-lasting, firms can now use legal text summarizer to instantly cross-check and verify their understanding of the content, and significantly reduce the risk of missing out essential details.

  • Gain better understanding: With the automatic text summarizer, small law firms reduce time-wasting by generating summaries instantly and gain a better understanding of their clients’ materials. The easy-to-read summaries allow you to comprehend legal documents content with many times more ease.

Keep on top of tasks and competitors: By reducing the time taken in manually reading and extracting important details from lengthy documents, the automatic summarizer helps you increase productivity for small firms by keeping on top of your daily tasks and hence your competitors.