Are you fed up with spending a massive amount on attorneys and support staff to perform legal work for your business? Do you rely on expensive legal professionals or outsourced legal services when reading lengthy documents or creating legal contracts?  If this is the case, get ready to shift your budget to automated legal tech tools. If your firm would like to be agile and nimble, without having to be bogged down by massive headcounts, you are on the right page.

For this reason, professional firms are always on the lookout for productivity tools and cheap legal services that offer quality and value for money. Automatic summarizer comes to assistance for small firms and corporations to reduce the time and costs in summarizing legal and professional documents. Some of the reasons why an automatic summarizer is a cost-effective option for business firms include:

Online Summarization Tool
  • Easy access to data: With the automatic summarizer, lawyers no longer have to wait on their support staff to get first-hand information from the documents. By using automatic summarizer, firms get low-cost legal services anywhere and anytime. The automated tool enables firms to access relevant text data immediately, thus preventing any delay.
  • Saves money directly and indirectly: The automatic summarize helps firms save costs in many ways. In addition to reducing junior staff costs, the automated tool also frees the time of employees from manually reading lengthy documents each day. The available time can then be put to productive use, thus increasing profits for the firm.
  • Reduces paper waste: The automatic summarizer can reduce a large amount of paper waste, as the automated tools can summarize texts and generates summaries all on the user’s computer without having to be printed on paper. With the automated tool, professionals no longer have to read the key takeaways of documents on paper, as the automated summarizing tool creates tailored summaries on screen.

If you are seeking legal professional support services at a low cost and in instantly fast turnaround, Lawli’s automatic summarizer is exactly what you need.