Does it take you a long time to get through a pile of text-based paperwork? Do you want to have more time in your day to do more interesting work? If so, an automatic text summarizer is an answer to your prayers. Summarizing lengthy documents is a time-consuming task faced by researchers and businesses.  To make your life easier, tech firms such as Lawli have created an AI tool to automatically summarize text content by extracting essential meaning and information. Some of the best automatic summarizing tools that you can use to reduce the time it takes to read and summarize lengthy documents include:

  • Automatic text summarizer

Pros: This summarizing tool is designed for students and casual use. Users are given a box to enter the text, and with a single click, they will receive a summary output. The automated tool helps in quickly summarizing a cut and pasted text within a set limit.

Legal Text Summarizer


  • However, users aren’t able to set the percentage of text for summary output as they wish, and the output length is set in default. 
  • The tool can not enable the user to upload documents directly, to generate any output, which makes the tool cumbersome and impractical to use.  
  • This tool is not suitable for professional use.
  • The tool does not allow any customization for users.
  • Summary text output is usually in unstructured text, which is difficult to read for users.

Pros: Any size of organizations, from small-to-medium-sized enterprises to large corporates across industries, especially in legal services, receive hundreds and thousands of pages of text-based documents every day. Manually reading and summarizing key messages from the pile of documents drains the limited hours you have in a day. Most of the time, professionals only have enough time to skim through the text.

With the help of the world’s best summary generator – Lawli summarizer, you can master the key information of each document in a fraction of the time you used to spend. Why Lawli summarizer is the best summarizing tool

  • Lawli Summarizer is designed for professional use.
  • User can set the desired percentage summary output length compared to the original text, thereby can use this tool as a paraphrasing tool as well.
  • The online summarizing tool accepts documents in both Word and PDF formats. You can directly upload any length of documents, be it 5 pages or 5,000 pages, your document is summarized within seconds.
  • Users can easily customize the summary output by setting their own desired parameters.
  • Users can re-summarize an unlimited number of times without having to re-upload or cut-paste document texts again.
  • Summary text output is generated into readable and separated paragraphs, similar to how human breaks texts into paragraphs.
  • Summarizer engine is trained using thousands of documents, to ensure the summary output is more accurate than others.
  • Specifically provides legal text summarization, which is trained using professional legal documents to reach a high degree of accuracy.  Auto summarizes legal documents that can help the user gain a much faster and better understanding of the content of these documents.  This summarizing tool benefits law firms, and individuals who want to cross-check on what content in the contract they are actually signing.

 The next time you are facing a pile of paperwork landed on your desk, open your browser and type in Lawli summarizer to start power through your pile of documents, and auto summarizes text without having to wait for your PA, junior staff or anyone else to finally get to them.  Each one of your work colleagues would be so presently surprised by your “superpower” acquired instantly.  Why wait for any longer from freeing yourself of a slow traditional reading method?