One of the significant benefits of the legal document summarizing tool is the high accuracy, speed, and instantly generated summary output content. Summarization is a process that includes extracting key points from a cluttered and unorganized piece of information. The output result is a selected, easy to read and to absorb, simplified version of the long input. The tool is offered as a part of the Legal Document Processing Services such as the Lawli summarizer provided by Lawli, which makes your life easy instantly by hundreds of times, all without the costs for headcount, waiting time and can be tailored for what you are looking for on the go.

Extraction and Abstraction 

When there is a lengthy document to read, the popular approach is to read only the main points. This is how many professionals read. This exact technique is used by a type of summarizer tool and it is referred to as an abstractive summarizer. The text summary is created in this technique using natural language generation, along with extensive and in-depth comprehension of context.

Extractive summaries are taken directly from the input document and presented in a readable way. In extractive techniques, the summary does not contain any rephrasing of ideas. Abstractive summarization, however, generates new sentences by either paraphrasing or using the new words, instead of simply extracting the important sentences.

List of Main Features:

  1. Process the input text
  2. Determining the most salient sentences 
  3. Linking the key messages into sentences, and create a summary that is cohesive and readable 
  4. Generate output summary sentences in well-presented formats

Single-Document vs. Paste-in Text

The majority of text summarizing tools on the market only allows users to paste in the text up to a word count limit. Lawli’s summarizer is more convenient for users, by uploading Word or PDF documents directly to be summarized.  Lawli’s summarizer provides a free tier, so you can even use this usually premium feature for free at Lawli. 

Lawli’s summarizer also allows you to control the summary output length, and tailor your summary result to your focused topics.  These features aren’t available in other summarizing tools.  We found Lawli’s summarizer is the most professional, fast and secure tool on the market, and can be trusted and relied on by professionals.

Wrapping Up Depending on your business needs, you must select the most appropriate summary generator tool. You can benefit hugely from a summarizing tool in your daily work, and make sure you use the most professional summarizer to assist your daily tasks and to make the most use out of it.