Lawli Launches the Latest Document Summarizer

Lawli is proud to announce the release of the newest summarizing tool for long documents, emails and legal contracts.

London, UK — Lawli, a document processing technology platform is pleased to announce the release of their app which aims to speed up the time-consuming task of summarizing documents. With Lawli Summarizer, individuals can easily extract summaries of general or legal texts. Users can also generate keywords oriented summaries on focused topics.

Reading from long document to grasp essential ideas takes a lot of time and unwavering concentration. Lawli Summarizer summarizes general or legal documents, no matter their lengths, in seconds. This enables the user to obtain key messages instantly when there’s only a minute or two to spare.

The summary generator from Lawli accepts documents in Word including .rtf, .doc, .docx as well as PDF formats. Apart from summarizing, it can also be used as a paraphrasing tool by setting the percentage of the text output. The user only needs to upload his or her document directly to the app, then the summarized output will be displayed in browser. The well-formatted summary is ready for user to edit and export into a report.

Image: Lawli – well formatted summary output

The first document summarization is free. After the user has uploaded and paid for the document, they can easily re-summarize the same text unlimited number of times applying different summary parameters. Lawli Summarizer can be used for any document, including research analyst papers, legal contracts, insurance policies, the dauntingly long government official reports such as the Mueller Report which most people did not have the courage to even open.

According to the founder of the software, “Lawli aims to provide the best and most easy-to-use solutions to users with regular upgrades and new features. We are pleased to receive genuinely positive feedback from users, appreciating the amount of time they have saved by using Lawli Summarizer, and how intuitively simple it is to use the app.”

The summary generator is created to suit a wide range of industries as well as text contents. Lawli encourages NGOs to get in touch for collaboration and a subsidized plan. Meanwhile, business organizations can receive tailored solutions with data application for their specialized work and a free trial by contacting Lawli.

Today, the Lawli Summarizer is available for different pricing that ranges from $0.22 cents to $1 per page. Interested users who want to take advantage of the document summarizer can visit Lawil’s official website to sign up for free. A promo code is offered by Lawli to receive first 5 summarizations for free at sign up by using 05Lawli042019. The free credit doesn’t run out until you have used it up.

About Lawli

Lawli offers document processing services at affordable price. Lawli is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help their customers generate consistent and reliable document processing results. Available 24/7, user can access Lawli Summarizer at any time.

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