We hear you, and we’ve gone through this ourselves. It’s a luxury for small and medium sized businesses to have a contract drafted for its business, because the time and costs are usually unaffordable. Plus, it doesn’t mean the lawyer you go to understand the niche of your industry or your business. No one has a crystal ball to foresee all scenarios in the future. However, we’ve done extensive legal research, and have made the following contracts available that have covered majority of the scenarios.

We provide these contracts at a fraction of the costs, compared to if you were to have the same contract drafted by a lawyer at $300 – $1,500 per hour. The contracts are instantly ready for completion 24/7 upon payment, and will not take 3-4 weeks of turnaround to slow down or kill your live opportunities.

After inputting your information and your industry niche clauses you would like to add, you are welcome to contact us to review the contract by a lawyer from our partner law firms or from your own channels. Once the bulk-part heavy lifting is already done by us and yourself, you will save a significant portion c. 80% of the costs on legal fees compared to having a lawyer draft a contract from scratch.

Contracts are available across US states and England & Wales jurisdictions.

By Type:

Distribution Agreement
Investment & Fundraising Agreement
Sale & Purchase Agreement
Licensing Agreement
Advertising / Marketing Contract
Demand Letter / Letter Before Action
Board Resolution
Board Minutes
Non Disclosure Agreement
Employment Contract
Outsourcing / Contractor Contract
Rental Leasing Agreement
Website Terms & Conditions
Service Agreement

By Function:

Operating Company Internally
Corporate Governance Internal Company
Startup Operating Documents
Hiring External Company or Contractor
Selling to External Company
Fundraise from Investor or Invest
Sell or Buy Company
Individual – Property 

By Jurisdiction:

  • US Federal
  • New York
  • California
  • England & Wales
  • Massachusetts
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Canada Provinces

If you need further assistance from using the self-assisted service, please email us at info@lawli.io for us to connect you with tried and tested attorneys (or barristers, solicitors if you are in England & Wales).

Disclaimer: Lawli.io is a legal services technology platform, not a law firm. By using our auto-assisted self-service online, you acknowledge that we do not and have not provided legal advice. Lawli has tried and tested partner lawyers and law firms who can provide legal advice and assist you cost-effectively on your specific legal inquiries.