For many businesses and individuals, they could not even dare to think about hiring a lawyer to draft a legal document, because it would cost them an arm and a leg. In many situations, for example if you are owed money whether in small or large sum, or if you are wronged by another person or business, or need to write a legally enforceable will, your problem can not wait but all lawyers will charge you from $300 to $2,000 per hour to review your case.

If you are not a large corporation like Goldman Sachs (which recently paid $1bn in legal fees), Microsoft or Berkshire Hathaway, you would feel the weight of $300 to $2,000 per hour often at increments of 10, 20, 30 hours for each bill, or $3,000 to $60,000 you’d have to pay each time.

If you have litigious matters, the hours will be out of your control, and it’s commonplace for plaintiff to spend $60,000 in US states or £60,000 in England & Wales to go until only the first hearing. If the case has a trial, each day of trial you could be looking at throwing $40,000 or £25,000 per day for your litigators, barristers to prepare and attend the trial. To sum up, your money will be flowing out faster than water, and you’d usually have to foot each bill prior to any lawyer does any work.

The worst still is you never know what the outcome will be until you draft your demand letter or letter before action and send it to the other side, then carry out your pre-action conducts, then you litigate in court. Put the reputation of courts and their procedures aside, the costs aspect alone is a big hurdle for many businesses and individuals to even access the first step of drafting a pre-action demand letter.

No one wants to feel when they are wronged, there’s no way for them to seek remedy solely because of costs. Therefore, we are launching the first ever AI powered demand letter or letter before action self drafting service.

Our app will auto assist you to write what you need to include to satisfy the technical rules of different jurisdictions. The app will turn what you write into nicely worded legal language, all by clicking a button, without you ever having to pay $100k a year for 6 years to get that law degree!

Sounds super? What is the cost of using the app? – It’s only $99. Absolutely no other hidden costs.

You can still hire a lawyer to review your draft, but it will sure reduce your overall billable hours, by 30% – 95%! Join the evolution, and start using Lawli’s demand letter / letter before action drafting tool today!

As an added bonus, we are launching an auto-assisted will drafting self service soon! Get a legally binding and enforceable will written at a fraction of the costs now.

Disclaimer: is a legal services technology platform, not a law firm. By using our auto-assisted self-service online, you acknowledge that we do not and have not provided legal advice. Lawli has tried and tested partner lawyers and law firms who can provide legal advice and assist you cost-effectively on your specific legal inquiries.