What inspired our team to create Lawli comes from our own entrepreneurial experiences. As our team member has led successful technology companies and distributed software products globally, we have always felt that the traditional legal services today do not adequately serve the business requirements in terms of time or costs in this day and age. We need a new kind of legal services for businesses and provided by law firms.

The slow turnaround time could have an irreversible impact on a live commercial opportunity, and the disproportionate resources necessary to use the law often becomes a bottleneck for businesses.

Many businesses could not afford the means, either in money or time, to use the law to guard their interests or to access legal services or justice, which led the offending party to replicate their rogue practice as a means to profit for decades passed seeing they could get away with it, while stifling thousands of good companies until held accountable. Even if when a business engaged legal services, the costs can be disproportionate to the issue in question.

How could there be so much dislocations in the legal services industry? Lawli is designed to help you to get your business moving by reducing road blockers.

There hasn’t been much a business could do up until now. We believe it is important for legal professionals to focus on value-add and work collaboratively with clients, and for businesses to gain control over their legal processes. Thus, we have created Lawli to make this possible. We hope that blatantly unfair conducts will become a thing of the past, and will change over time towards a positive business environment for all to benefit from.