What happens when you get tens and hundreds of pages of documents each day? Truth is, that you can’t read them all and skip majority of them, even if you are living on 5-hour sleep each day.

With a little help from Lawli’s summarizer, you are transformed into a superstar who can master the content of each document being sent to you, and stay on top of your game.

Lawli’s summary generator accepts documents in Word (.docx, .doc, .rtf) and PDF formats. It can also be used as paraphrasing tool, by modifying the percentage of text output. You just need to upload the document, and within second, the summarized output will appear in browser ready for your review and export into report.

The 1st document summarization is completely free. Once you’ve uploaded and paid for the document, you can summarize it as many times setting different parameters as you’d like without additional charge.

Our summarization tool is designed to suit different industries and text contents. If you are a non-profit organization, please get in touch for a subsidized plan. If you are a business, please also get in touch for a tailored plan or customized solutions for your specialized work.


  • 1 – 4,000 words (c.10 pages), $0.0025/word (c.$1/page)
  • 4,001 – 14,000 words (c.32p), $0.0019/w (c.$0.8/p)
  • 14,001 – 28,000 words (c.64p), $0.0014/w (c.$0.6/p)
  • 28,001 – 44,000 words (c.100p), $0.0011/w (c.$0.48/p)
  • 44,001 – 88,000 words (c.200p), $0.0008/w (c.$0.35/p)
  • 88,001 – 176,000 words (c.400p), $0.0007/w (c.$0.3/p)
  • 176,001 – 440,000 words (c.1,000p), $0.0006/w (c.$0.25/p)
  • 440,000+ words (c.1,000+p), $0.0005/w (c.$0.22/p)

Lawli document summarizer is here to help increase your work efficiency hundreds fold.

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Lawli’s free summarizer is a preview of the paid version without the rich functionality. You can summarize any text without registration here .

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