Almost everyone at some point in their lives have to search for and contact a lawyer to complete certain work.  Having navigated this area and worked in the legal industry ourselves, we would like to offer some tips, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time and money with wrong presumptions.  If you stumbled upon the wrong type of attorneys who could be there at the largest or small law firms, what’s worse is you could very well be left with distrust of the legal system.

There is one common question we have seen from innocent customers, which is important to clarify:

  • I want to have this lawyer to draft my commercial contract, so he knows my case and can enforce it if it gets into a dispute.

Wrong! The attorney who can help you if you get into a dispute is a litigator.  He or she does specialized litigation work for 90% of their time.  They don’t draft commercial contracts day-in and day-out, even though they can do that but they are remunerated much higher and it appeals more to their career path to focus on their litigation work.

So your case will be handled by another lawyer or litigator if you get into a dispute, and most likely this litigator is in a different division or another firm who have never heard about your business or your case previously.  So do not think it would be easier for you down the road to go with your initial lawyer.

What happens when you go to a law firm, is that based on your need, the firm will route you to a specific department to handle your case.  Even within the commercial law area, lawyers who specialize in certain industries do not know the ins and outs of other industries, or nuances within your industry. 

Lawyers don’t have experience running businesses other than a law firm.  You understand your business the best, and what are practical risks to address in your legal documents.  If you take a hands-off approach, most likely there will be issues not addressed in your contract, which will take time, money and efforts for you to rectify in the future. 

Therefore, as a business owner, with a bit of high-quality auto-assisted help, you can address your business scenarios, issues and concerns all on your own, all without the pressure of high hourly rate and large overall billable hours.  Who doesn’t want to have a peace of mind without the huge legal bills and greater control on meeting your legal needs?

The Commercial Contract and Legal Document Drafting service provided by Lawli allows you to work on best-in-class quality legal documents comparable to what you would receive as a base material from the largest corporate law firms in your country, at a fraction of the market costs.  Lawli will also help shape your custom clause into proper legal content. 

If you need a legal professional, be it lawyers, litigators, barristers, solicitors, paralegals to take a final look at your auto-drafted legal document via self-assistance, Lawli can suggest their network of qualified professionals, tried and tested in the US states and England & Wales jurisdictions.  Please get in touch at for this customized services.